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Building Block Commons Summer Camp

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Quick Facts

2024 Building Block Commons Summer Sessions

Classic Summer Camps: Younger students ages 2y9m-7

Choose Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Option (Attending all four days of the week will just be a repeat, so it is discouraged!)
9-1pm for all sessions
Ages 2y9m-7 (Monday-Thursday, 2 days a week, 9-1 $275)
Science Camp: June 10-21
Color Camp: July 8-19
Art Camp: July 22-Aug 2
Animal Camp: Aug 5-16

9-1pm Wear a bathing suit and bring a lunch- we explore a theme and have a BLAST inside and outside playing with art, water sports, goats, chickens, gardens and our famous Mud Kitchen!

Specialist Camps: Older students ages 7+

Monday-Thursday, 8:30-12:30 $310
Wellness Retreat: July 8-11
Dungeons & Dragons: July 15-18
Babysitter Camp: also July 15-18
Level 1 Woodworking: July 22-25
K-3 Skill Build: July 22-25 Level 2 Woodworking: July 29-Aug 1
Hiking Camp All Levels: Aug 5-8
Backpacking Overnight (Level 2, $200 per child, +Free Parent): August 9-11
Building Block Commons goats.


Outdoor education at its best! Our summer program brings all the beauty of art and nature to children ages 2y9m to 7 in the primary group, while elementary and middle students attend specialist camps. Join us for epic hands-on messy fun, stories, songs, art, water play, sand play, group games, cooking, gardening, lunch and outdoor/indoor activities all summer long! Our experienced and energetic staff is ready to have a BLAST.

Building Block Commons outdoor sink.


Registration Opens 8 am on February 14 Valentine’s Day ❤️

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