Students listening an ecology lesson outdoors.

The Commons High School Programs

Two high school students standing in a stream sampling the water for aquatic organisms

Quick Facts

Flexible grades 7-10 for first year, then the lower grade drops back to the Carriage House until we are completely 9-12 by 2026. We will help determine student placement during these transition years based on your child’s preferences and needs!

8:30am-2:30pm $14,300

~12 students/2 teachers and a Curriculum Coordinator for transcript and competency mapping.

Project Based Learning from PBL Works and 3-4 week projects designed by our teachers to reflect the interests of the group. Harvard Project Zero protocols to encourage visible thinking. Direct Instruction in Social Emotional Learning twice a week. Jo Boaler, YouCubed and the project based Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) curriculum Levels 1-4, as recommended by Jo Boaler.

Three high school students working on an engineering project.


The school carefully curates a cohort who will be supported by several teachers throughout the school year as they use Project-Based Learning and Expeditions to explore the 6 Cs:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Content
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Innovation
  • Confidence

(As outlined in Becoming Brilliant by Kathy Hirsch-Pasek & Roberta Michnick Golinkoff)

Collaboration Communication Content Critical Thinking Creative Innovation Confidence
A high school student behind a tree sitting on a rock recording data in her journal and holding a water sample from the stream behind her in her hand

The Commons Expeditions

Each year is anchored by Project Based Learning and an expedition to Colorado for ten days, with increasing challenge and potential for individuation as the years progress. The curriculum will include NHCCSS-driven projects that include domestic travel stewardship for 9th & 10th grade (a domestic program for flex grades 7–10 this first year) Grades 11 & 12 have multiple pathways towards graduation including internships, a partnership with Seacoast School of Technology or an invitation to travel internationally with the immersive and responsible travel organization Where There Be Dragons while documenting competencies and returning to complete competencies not yet met during the travel period.


Please contact us and come for a visit to start your enrollment process! We do tours at 3:30 for The Commons every Friday to show you and your students around.

More Information on the 6 Cs

These competencies will be met both within our indoor classrooms, outdoor classroom and our ten day expeditions.

What tools will be used to support the documentation and mastery of these competencies?

We have a Curriculum Coordinator person and technology to help organize competencies into the transcripts needed for future schools and colleges. The staff's training on Project Based Learning (PBL) comes from PBL Works, the "gold standard" in PBL. We help students practice metacognition or “thinking about thinking” by doing structured protocols from Visible Thinking Routines in the classroom (Harvard Project Zero). Combining these protocols, conversations with students, teacher-created rubrics and real-time, authentic portfolios, a student’s progress is able to be documented and supported with the help of our Curriculum Coordinator.