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Wren Hayes, Building Block Commons Director

Wren Hayes, Preschool, Carriage House Math, Woodworking and Outdoor Education Teacher / Director

The students say Wren is "the silliest" of the teachers, while the other staff members say she is actually just "the loudest." Wren is often seen leading Outdoor Classroom adventures, as her lifelong love of nature and science propel her into the great outdoors. Creative, goofy, excitable and optimistic, Miss Wren brings laughter and experience to the classroom each day. Her outgoing personality and strong community ties complement her undergraduate degree in Public Policy of Education from William Smith, Master's Degree in Teaching from UNH, her post-graduate degree in School Administration from UNE and her post-graduate certification in Curriculum Design from University of Wisconsin support her natural leadership skills. Her dedication to having a "screen free" school that still teaches coding and STEM skills is from her work programming for digital education applications and teaching online while staying home with her young children. Wren’s teaching pedagogy is heavily influenced by her work experience and studies while living in Hawaii on the works of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf).

David Hayes, Building Block Commons Director

David Hayes, Co-Owner/ Business Administrator

Mister David is a compassionate global volunteer with a full time job within the science and sales corporate world. (David and Wren often joke that he has to work in the corporate world to "support her teaching habit.") When in the classroom, he uses his skills from teaching Exeter Hospital’s parenting classes to create laughter and joy with the children. His business experience and compassionate personality make him an awesome fit for supporting the caring business model of Building Block School.

Jackie Stevenson

Jackie Stevenson, Teacher

Miss Jackie had taught at Building Block for seven years before taking two years to be at home with her daughter. She graduated with her B.S. in Education from Keene State College. Jackie is excited to be back in the classroom to join in creating age-appropriate learning environments that emphasize child-led exploration. She is passionate on the importance of play in a young child’s development both indoors and outdoors. Jackie’s lifelong interest in art is something that she loves to incorporate into the curriculum, allowing children to express their creativity in various media. Miss Jackie also greatly enjoys being in the outdoors, especially camping with her family, exploring hiking trails, and investigating tide pools with her two year old. She believes that nature allows for the best opportunity to learn, no toys or materials needed!

Alice Gould, Koala Teacher / Teddy Teacher

Alice Gould, Teddy and Koala Teacher

Miss Alice is adored by the children because of her unwavering patience, her enthusiastic love of silliness and her ability to establish clear routines for the classroom. It is rumored (by the students) that Miss Alice knows "all the words to EVERY nursery rhyme ever written." Her love of music and rhyme help her encourage an understanding of phonemic awareness and language skills in the classroom. Alice loves the outdoors and enjoys camping and fishing when away from school. Alice is a graduate from Salem State College with a degree in Geography. After graduation and working in the environmental industry she got married and went on to raise her son (a BBS alumnus!). It was during this time when she found a love of early childhood education and completed her NH Early Childhood credentials while working at BBS since 2011.

Carey Thomas

Carey Thomas, Teacher / Morning Support Staff

Carey grew up in the woods of New England and felt a strong connection to nature, spending most of her time outdoors. She loves sharing the wonders of the earth with students during outdoor time, especially with a good book. She can often be spotted with her class on the top of the hill reading about crows, James Audubon, seeds, snowflakes, or turkey vultures; helping students understand and connect to the world around them.

This love of books is what led her to complete her bachelor’s degree in English and become a teacher years ago. This allowed her to combine her love of literature and the outdoors teaching urban at-risk students and guiding them on outdoor adventures. After many years of teaching, Carey took time off to raise her two children. Through their eyes, Carey experienced the magic of the world all over again. Guiding her children with love and warmth, helping them to experience joyful moments in everyday life, Carey found that exploring the world with young children is what she truly loved. With her cheerful disposition and big smile, Carey nurtures our youngest elementary students through imaginative play, songs, movement, hands-on math and literacy, and of course, nature.

Carey has completed The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education’s Orton-Gillingham Comprehensive Certification, passed the KPEERI (Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction), and is a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist (C-SLDI). Along the way, Carey realized that she loved teaching students to read as much as she loved reading!

In her free time Carey loves spending time with her family, playing with her dog Figgy, catching as many Cape Cod sunsets as she can, and of course, reading.

Wendi Friend

Wendi Friend, Panda Teacher/ 1st Grade Teacher

Miss Wendi's gentle, flexible nature, along with 12 years of experience teaching at BBC make her a familiar and comforting teacher to both students and parents alike. She takes a patient and adaptable approach to supporting students in developing self-help and problem solving skills, while nurturing their social emotional growth and confidence. Wendi graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing, and earned her Early Childhood Education credentials in 2010. In her free time, she enjoys sailing, hiking, yoga and most importantly, family time with her four grown children and her new grandson.

Denise Marshall

Denise Marshall

Miss Denise joined Building Block Commons after being part of The Montessori School of Exeter for 35 years as a Toddler/Primary & Co -Director. Miss Denise is a licensed childcare worker with a Montessori certificate from North American Montessori Center for Preschool/Kindergarten.

Her goal as an early educator is to create a hands-on learning environment with a love for nature and the outdoors. Her favorite part about being an early educator is seeing precious friendships being formed at an early age.

While not a school, Miss Denise enjoys running, kayaking, walking on the beach and, most of all, spending time with friends and close family!

Denise is a lifelong resident of Newfields, NH.

Jenna Caputo

Jenna Caputo

Jenna Caputo grew up in Londonderry, New Hampshire where she participated in a creative problem solving after school program called Destination Imagination (DI) for ten years and spent her summers with her grandparents in Vermont, developing a love and appreciation for nature. Jenna attended Mount Holyoke College as a Psychology and Education major and completed the teacher licensure program. Following graduation, Jenna became an Area Coordinator in residential life, working to support college students through the learning moments that come with living in a college community, supporting RAs, and helping to develop the wellness curriculum for students. Meanwhile, Jenna earned a Master's in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Southern New Hampshire University. Jenna has also remains deeply involved as a volunteer with DI in various capacities at both the New Hampshire and global level. Jenna could not be more excited to be joining the Building Block Commons team!

Jake Lewis

Jake Lewis

Mr. Jake brings over a decade of experience in nature's expansive classroom to Building Block Commons. Jake began working with young people in adventure education, leading multi-day excursions for teens and middle-schoolers at Camp Glen Brook's summer camp. There he taught inter- and intra-personal skills such as compassionate communication, resilience, and determination alongside technical skills like backpacking, canoeing, and mosquito-baiting. Jake has a deep love of—and respect for—learning and a playful approach to education, which was honed as the School Programs Director at Glen Brook, where he designed and facilitated week-long learning adventures for visiting classes ranging from 3rd through 12th grade. After founding a gap semester program, Gap at Glen Brook, Jake has moved to the seacoast with his wife and two sons to be closer to family and to the surf. An oral storyteller, Jake also leads myth-telling performance workshops and weaves story into his experiential education work.

Christina Aucoin

Christina Aucoin

Christina's love of literacy and passion for connecting with others led her to a career in education. She believes that students must feel safe and connected in order to learn and makes that a priority. Christina taught for ten years before taking time off to become her son's biggest advocate and teacher. She is so excited to be able to share her love of learning and all things literacy with others again. Christina graduated from UVM as an English major and writing tutor. After working for a local publishing company, she followed her heart and began a teaching career in Boston Public Schools. She completed her Masters in Education while teaching from Endicott College. Christina strives to be a lifelong learner and has completed training in Landmark Language Based Learning, Orton- Gillingham, Wilson and Speech to Print. Through co-teaching all subjects, she has a strong sense of the skills that transfer across the curriculum and making connections. Christina has a knack for being able to learn where a student is academically and bring the curriculum to their level, whether math or literacy. As a liaison, she also found a love of advocating for students and encouraging them to advocate for themselves. She has taught elementary, middle school and high school. Christina is a life-long lover of nature and can often be found exploring local trails, going on fun adventures with her son, walking the beach or reading a book on her front porch watching the birds.